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Food Matters

Food Matters

If you are striving to live a healthy active lifestyle, if you are training and trying to lose body fat, if your families health and nutrition is important to then educating your self and family on what we choose to put into our bodies is very important.

If you Google search obesity statistics you will come to find that being over-weight to obese is growing at a rapid rate; this is not only happening to adults but to many of our children. Many health issues are caused by this; by what we choose to put in our and our children’s bodies.

There are many online resources to educate yourself on what we are eating and the short/long term affects it has. A really great resource which carries a powerful message is the documentary “Food Matters”.

The whole documentary used to be online for free, however I can no longer find any of the free links. You can download or stream it for between 2-5$ or watch the short 25min version. I highly recommend that you watch the full version though. If you find a free full version please let me know.




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