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Cellular Health Testing P.2

This is Part 2 of my Cellular Health Testing and will have more parts to follow in the coming weeks. Unfortunately the 32gbs of HD video had an issue recording sound. So hopefully next time I see Dr. Jessica I will have the sound issue sorted to record our next meetings. For more information please follow the links in blue.

I spent about four hours with Dr. Jessica Rand of Avicenna Logics on Wednesday Sept. 11 2013 to experience what she call refers to as “The Science of Radiant Health”.  She is a treasure trove of knowledge and gave me much insight on to what is going on inside of me.

Before I get into details on me visit with Dr. Jessica I would like to share on a personal level: I have always highly disliked and HATED doctors, hospitals, psychologists, medicines… This comes from personal history/experiences from myself, family members’ and friends. Just about every visit I and my family members have had have always made things worse; sometimes a lot worse before any things got better. The amount of damage that I have seen by doctors/hospitals disgusts me. This started at a young age for me as I grew up seeing my family members sick, the treatment from the doctors was horrid and caused lifelong damage. As a teen I tried everything to avoid going; it went to the point that when I was 17 I was hit by drunk driver at 55mph; rolled up the hood of the car bounced off the windshield flew over 25ft before landing in a ditch. I refused to get into the ambulance or go to the hospital. I was going to walk home as I was already up and walking. The police threatened to arrest me to make me go in. The car had hit my back left leg. I had no breaks/serious injuries; other than a completely bruised body, lots of cuts and pulled over 75 pieces of glass from my head, arms and back. I even hated medications so much that I refused to take any pain killers despite the amount of pain and toughed it out.

As a Wellness Coach it is imperative and crucial to work with doctors and other health professionals and over the past few years I have done just that despite my personal feelings towards them. I have aligned myself with a few awesome doctors that practice natural healing; they follow Hippocrates saying “let they food be thy medicine and thy medicine be thy food” and a very important phrase from the Hippocratic Oath; “do no harm”.

One Such doctor is Dr. Jessica Rand. I first met her about a year ago and since then she has been a wonderful friend, an inspiration, a valuable information resource and has helped several of my clients and friends. She has explained to me in depth many times what she does. She was always trying to get me to come in to experience firsthand exactly what it is she does. Due to the fact I really disliked going to see a Dr. for any reason I made many excuses and avoided seeing her myself.

A few weeks ago we were discussing the nutrition study I am working on and how important food is in cellular health. We also discussed my recent ailment; a parasite and bacteria infection I contracted in Vietnam that left me feeling like a smashed bag of ass, weak, exhausted with body aches for nearly two months. I avoided going to the doctor for this as well and tried to boost my immune system naturally. I eventually had some blood work done and took and anti-parasite (de-worming lol) and antibiotics that made me feel a lot worse before I started to recover.

She told me again how much I should come in for the testing she specializes in. This time I figured I should since her testing would give me better insight into my own body and my studies; it was time to stop making excuses.

So I met Dr. Jess at her office in Mirdif. She welcomed me in and showed me to her office; we sat down and began talking about what she does. She not only is very knowledgeable; she is very passionate about what she does, about helping people. She started off by showing and explaining the Pulse Energy therapy machine; which is another really awesome and effective piece of technology that I will write about in a separate entry. What I had come in for was a Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation where she utilizes Meridian Stress Assessment technology. This is diagnostic testing modality that analyzes my true levels of cellular health. Most tests’ with conventional doctors are always uncomfortable, involve being poked and prodded in many areas of your body. This testing involved none of that; no blood, urine or other bodily samples. It was none invasive and rather comfortable. The equipment is an FDA Class II Medical Device and also has the European CE Registration.

Dr. Jess began by explaining how the assessment works. Basically it reads the electromagnetic signals between the cells in my body. These readings are obtained by accessing specific organ and system points on the acupuncture meridians. Based on the information obtained she can tell whether the cells are balanced, over active, stressed, inflamed or if they are under active, chronicly weak or degenerative. The assessment goes even into further detail.  It is so in depth that the root causes of everything in your body can also be pin pointed. The organs and systems results are compared with a library of filters that scan the body against 1.5 million frequency / wave form signals to pinpoint the dis-ease in the cells which in turn creates disease and illness if not addressed.

Dr. Jessica only had a brief background of my medical history. The assessment is so impressive that it picked up things from my childhood that my body is still holding on to today. She was able to test the cellular health of all my organs, nutrition levels, nutrition absorption, bone structure and joints, my hormone levels and endocrine system, my immune and lymphatic system, circulatory system, respiration, nervous system, free radicals, metabolism, environmental toxicity. The assessment even checks for viruses, bacteria, parasites, fungi, degenerative diseases, cancers, STD’s (sexually transmitted diseases), toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, water contaminants allergies and much more.

She checked it all. I am happy to say that out everyone she has tested in the UAE that my initial results were the best she has ever seen and only one other person in the UAE came close. My cellular heath was just as good as the top professional US athletes she has worked with. I have no vitamin, mineral or other deficiencies. In fact my cells are efficiently absorbing and using 100% of the nutrients I get from food. I am free of cancer, degenerative diseases, STD’s and a number of other things she checked for.

The assessment was not all good news though as several issues did come up. First of which was that my adrenals are very week from being over worked due to excessively high amounts of stress, which is mostly attributed to time spent in the US Army. The good thing is that my overall hormones and testosterone levels were perfect and not affected by the weakened adrenals as is seen in most cases. My intestines still have small amounts of parasites from the recent infection from Vietnam as well as bacteria. My body has high amounts of heavy metals and chemicals from my time in the US Army and in Iraq; it showed exposure to radiation, depleted uranium and other gulf war toxins.

Very interesting is that when I was a 13yrs old I was extremely sick for nearly a year with the Epstein Barr and Mono Virus and 15 years later these viruses are still in my body inactive. She even pinpointed the genetic marker that predisposes me to Type II Diabetes; this I already knew as many of my family members that are unhealthy and very overweight already have Diabetes. Most people with Type II Diabetes are very overweight, smoke and have bad and unhealthy eating habits. With a healthy lifestyle and eating habits I should never have to worry about it.

A few other things showed up and I will go into more detail on this and everything that was tested when my detailed report comes back from Dr. Jess.

The great news is that everything that showed up can be treated without the use of traditional pharmaceutical/chemical medicines. Dr. Jess informed me that because my cells are so healthy and efficient that it would take approximately six weeks to purge and detoxify my entire body of the potentially harmful substances while getting my adrenals functioning properly again. She is currently working on the detailed assessment as well as a customized natural nutritional and supplement regime treatment plan to get everything to 100%. The full detailed report, treatment plan, progress and follow up will be shared for everyone to see.




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