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Rolling Over the Pain: Myofascial Release


I just spent the day at Fidelity Fitness in the Dubai Marina with Master Trigger Point Trainer Brian Cochrane learning about myofascial release and Myofascial Compression Techniques (MCT) as part of the Trigger Point Performance Programming for Professionals to get certified in using the Trigger Point U6 equipment and techniques. It was a very in-depth and wonderful learning experience that added more skills and knowledge to my coaches tool box; I am looking forward to using my newly learned skills on myself, with friends and clients. The benefits of this program are so great that I personally experienced results during each part of the course.

One of the great things about this course was it was very hands on; you get to experience first hand the science behind the techniques. I got to practice rolling the ultimate six areas of my body on the balls and rollers from the kit. We only practiced the MCT on one side of the body (the left side) while leaving the other side as it was(right side); afterwards we experienced the direct results and were able to see the minor and major differences between the strength, range of motion, flexibility and performance of each side of the body. The side we practiced the MCT on drastically improved in all areas.


Using the MCT can range from being uncomfortable to painful while using the the technique depending on how much tension is in the body part being worked. Directly after the compression is released the pain immediately went away as did the previous tension and results can be experienced immediately. Even though it can be uncomfortable to painful the benefits are much greater than the pain. So the pain felt during the MCT is worth it in comparison to the pain that you would feel when injured.

I plan to use these techniques on myself daily and am looking forward to the benefits they will give me as well the benefits my clients will receive from this great new tool.

Your probably wondering what myofascial release  and Myofascial Compression Techniques are. Below I have posted a copy directly from the Trigger Point Website. You can also find more information in the links.

Myofascial Compression Techniques (MCT) is Trigger Point Performance Therapy’s revolutionary form of self myofascial release that systematically restores tissue elasticity, fluidity, and function resulting in pain reduction, injury prevention, and performance enhancement.

MCT is defined by building compression into the targeted muscle with a TP device. Once compressed, the targeted muscle and limb is taken through a range of motion. Once this is defined, we then take the distal limb through its own pattern of movement replicating everyday functions. The compressed muscle tissue will produce an inhibitory response in the muscle spindle while also addressing associated myofascial dysfunctions such as trigger points, adhesions, and other muscular challenges. This process also opens up neurological pathways allowing for greater muscular proprioception. Deep nasal breathes work to relax the muscle while oxygenating the blood. MCT also changes the muscle’s viscosity allowing for more fluid movement.


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