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Cellular Health Testing P.3 My Allergies and the Mind Body Connection

So I just spoke to Dr. Dr Jessica and am reviewing the email she sent me with the preliminary results of my testing. Her and I will be meeting next week to go over the in-depth results. I will post my preliminary results in a few days.

When Dr. Jessica did my Meridian Stress Assessment one of the things that came up was that I am very susceptible to environmental toxins. Environmental toxins play havoc on my body in the form of air pollutants like: dust, pollen, cigarette smoke, emissions from factories…  This can be caused by a number of things; which I will be talking to Dr. Jessica about when I see her this week.

I am a seasonal allergy sufferer and they do make me suffer; itchy, runny, congested and swollen eyes nose and throat. It usually starts around September and goes through to December/January depending on the area.  My allergies are not as bad in Dubai as they are when I am in the US.

Last week I woke up with itchy runny nose and eyes and it has turned into a cold. Over the years I have tried every allergy medicine on the market and they all work…temporarily. They work for about a few days then they stop working. Since I hate pharmaceutical medicines and because they don’t work and cause a load of side affects;  I usually avoid them and just deal with it. Dealing with it usually leaves me feeling like crap and I would rather feel good so  I called Dr. Jessica about it she told me that she has ordered me a supplement that will help out.

Since it will take a week or so for the supplement to arrive I went to see another doctor that I work with and have seen myself on a regular basis. DR. HELLE KÆRSKOV is a very experienced chiropractor from Denmark and the founder of Total Health Care Dubai  (the website is currently only working in Danish, however I have posted an English translation below). You are probably wondering why I would go see a chiropractor about my allergies? Dr. Helle is much more than a chiropractor, she also specializes in kinesiology, nutrition, detox (to name a few) and is also a very experienced and successful life coach.

I have been seeing Dr.  Helle every few months over the last year in regards to the alignment and health of my muscle, joints and spine. I was also seeing her on a regular basis about my back and neck after the 15m ground fall I had while climbing in February this year. I have also refereed many clients and friends to her as well. One of my clients and their family have been seeing Dr. Helle for a few years now. They first told me about the treatment and book Dr. Helle has written for allergies. They had taken their son to Dr. Helle for this treatment; who has now been allergy free for two years.

So I gave Dr. Helle a call and set an appointment to see her on Monday morning  (23rd Sept 2013)sd. I went in and saw her and first she had me lay on her table to check my spinal alignment and the muscles in my back. She cracked and aligned my spine and now I am feeling loose and divine. Afterwards she asked me when I remember my allergies first beginning. I told her I remember it started when I was about 11 yrs. old; I could of started earlier but this was the age that came to mind. She asked me if I remember what was going on in my life at the time and a few things came up. She had me lay on my back did a check and told me what the cause was. Then she had me close my eyes and we did some guided visualization and she showed me certain places on the body to touch while saying a certain phrase 5 times a day for a week that should take care of my allergies, no medicines, injections etc.

Mind-Body Connection

I bet you are wondering what this has to do with cellular health and how this can affect my allergies. Something I became intrigued by and started studying when I first attended the NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) certification course and still study today with Yoga, Nutrition and Fitness is the Mind-Body Connection. There is a profound connection between our thoughts/emotions and the 100+ trillion cells in our body. Our cells communicate electronically through the nervous system and chemically (hormones) though the endocrine system. Medical science has proven that the cells of the body respond to the thoughts and emotions of the mind; vise versa the mind (mental and emotional states) also resounds to whats going on with the body. It is a constant two way street.

A few examples: Loot at a person who is sad and depressed. Their heads are usually down, slouched posture, they physically feel tired. It even affects the types of foods you crave and the amount you eat.  Look at some one who is angry or has a long period of unresolved anger. Their bodies are tense, they usually walk with clinched fist; left unresolved this anger leads towards hypertension, high blood pressure and heart issues. Observe some one who is happy or even in love, you will notice that they smile, their walk/step lighter, they have better posture. There are many examples of how our mental and emotional states cause a physiological response  in the body to the cellular level. Our bodies are not at ease or dis-eased many times because of our thoughts and emotions, these symptoms and dis-eases are often our bodies way of telling us something is not right upstairs, that something needs to be resolved. There are many proven cases of disease being cured when negative unresolved emotional issues become resolved.

The other way it works this two way mind-body connection works is when the body affect our mental and emotional states. Some good examples of this are how the foods we choose to eat affect our mental capacities, energy, mood and emotions. Observe people who “eat clean” and follow a life style of fresh food and stay away from processed foods. Compare it to people who eat junk and you will see big differences. I have done this myself and even kept a  journal of the foods I ate logging what and when I ate it and how my mood, energy, performance was through out the day. I did this for periods of weeks eating different foods from preprocessed junk to organic vegetarian diet recording my results (Ghandi and many doctors have also done this and have published results). The difference between the two is tremendous.

Being injured or sick also affects the mental and emotional states. When we are physically ill or injured the body send signals to the brain saying wow something is not right. When the body is sick or injured it causes insomnia, depression, grumpiness, irritability, mental functions decline etc.

These are all signs and signals back and forth between our mind and body. They are there for a reason. It is you mind and or body telling you something is not right so be aware of you the indications in your body and mind and listen to them. Body awareness is a very important tool to learn.

In NLP, other coaching programs and psychology we learn about anchors (NLP Anchoring) or triggers (various names depending on course).  Anchors or triggers are certain things like specific smells, tastes, sights, sounds or being touched in a certain way or place that causes an immediate mental, emotional or physiological response. A great example of such an anchor is a phobia. A person who is a tremendous fear of spiders and every time they see one they freak out. Somewhere in their life they had a traumatic event that anchored the phobia of spiders in the subconscious and every time they see a spider  it triggers an emotional and physiological response. Another great example is when you smell a certain food that makes you think of a certain person. All of us have a certain food that when we smell it it triggers us to think of our Mom.

That is a lot to take in. I hope you have a better understanding of how the mind-body connection plans a vital role in cellular health. So how does all this affect my allergies? Its very simple. Instead of giving me a prescription medicine for temporary relief of the symptoms of the allergies Dr. Helle addressed the root cause of where the allergies were coming from. Some time when I was 11 yrs old because of what was going in my life mentally and emotionally my subconscious mind created an anchor on environmental toxins. Even though I cannot smell them my body detects them and triggers my allergy symptoms. Dr. Helle went directly to the root cause of my allergies. The treatment prescribed is a way of using coaching techniques through a combination of visualization, positive affirmations and physical touch to do away with the anchor.  I think treating the cause this way is much better than with medicines that make me feel worse.

I have used studied and used similar anchoring techniques with great success; so I am positive that this too will work. A very big thank you to Dr. Helle. You are amazing. Two days in to following the treatment plan and I have seen a drastic improvement in my allergies.

Total Health Care Translation Below:

Total Health helps you to feel good in your life, and optimize your sense of well-being.

Feeling good is essential in a demanding life with work, sports, family, friends and leisure activities. The feeling of well-being varies from person to person, but if your chemicals, your emotional and your physical side is doing well, most people will be well on your way to achieving a sense of well-being and strength to handle everyday life.

The emotional side covers among other things, your relationships, values ​​and your self-image. The chemical side deals with what you expose your body through diet and chemistry, while the physical page is about exercise and chiropractic. Your body consists of many small and large parts to be feeling good, that you are doing well. All nerves emerge from the spinal column and provides impulses to muscles and organs. Therefore, a functioning spine required for the body to function optimally. As a chiropractor, I can deal with any imbalances and fixations that inhibit your body unnecessarily.

Take control of your body and your life. Your health destiny is not predetermined by your genetics, and can be influenced by the choices you make. Chiropractic treatments can both prevent and maintain a healthy body and treat pain and imbalances in the body.

Total Health offers a range of treatments and services that can help you take control of your life and achieve more energy, strength and energy both physically and mentally. Let your journey begin against “one step up”!

our Mission


Our mission is to improve everyone’s ability to better manage their own health. We are working to help people to improve their productivity and quality of life on all fronts and thus reduce the risk of diseases and injuries at the most “cost-effective” way.

Wherever you are on the “health stairs” there is always a “one step up” option.

Learn to live, not just survive. Learn what it really means to accelerate in all areas of life, to live each day in a powerfull, easy, lean and energy excessive body. When your body feels good, do you feel good and when you feel good you are more productive, more satisfied and happier all around.

We all have the choice. We can use our lives to be OK or we can decide to step onto the next step.

The choice is yours.

Drop slankekurene.
Reach your ideal weight without a fight.
Getting around diseases and degenerative disorders.
Get mental clarity and emotional stability.

Take the journey of life in first class.

born (1962) Married to Steen (1959) and together they have Alicia (2002) and Svend (1982)

Student from Frederikshavn Gymnasium 1981
Professional skater in Holiday in Ice 1981-1985
Trained Los Angeles Chiropractic College 1990.
Chiropractor Amsterdam 1990-91
Private clinic Gilleleje 1990-2007
Taken over 1000 continuing education hours in kinesiology during George Goodheart.
The roof Anthony Robbin life university with coaching on a personal level and in relation to nutrition.
Taken countless nutritional courses in both domestic and international.
Trained hydrocolonic therapist 2007

Started Total Health January 2008


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