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:) Happy Birthday MOMs!!!

I would like to to take a moment to say happy birthday to two wonderful woman; whom have inspired my life.


These are my two favorite moms.

1st is my most favorite and important (actual mom) Kathy Turner born Nov 1, 1955 (damn dinosaur hehe). I love you and I miss you. I am sorry that I am unable to be there for your irthday tomorrow (I will be in spirit) as I live across the word and will be doing the thing I love most. CLIMBBING!!! 😛 It is because of you I climb. You taught me to aspire to the top of all my mountains, to never give up; even when I fall many times, to live a passionate life full of love and gratitude, to inspire others as you have inspired me. Tomorrow while I am climbing I will bolt, climb and name a super hard badazz route in your honor (that will likely humble me and whoop my ass aas you have many times) so that anyone who climbs it will think of you and know the hard lessons and values you beat into me; that you raised a gentleman, cowboy/caveman.

I know I was a, hard-headed, back talking, trouble making teen (still am). Thank you for carrying me, caring for and raising me. Thank you for all the lessons and love. Thank you for the support when I needed it and letting me fall when I needed it. I hope that you are proud of who, of the man I have become.

Many of you do not know this but my Mom was recently diagnosed with nonHodgkin lymphomas – cancer. Thank the Almighty Super Power it is mild, has not spread much and is treatable. She starts Chemo next week. Please send your thoughts, prayers and birthday wishes her way. I am planning, working and trying to get to Georgia for Christmas. with Aislyn. Have a Very Wonderful Birthday and may your wishes come true. Love your son.

The other lucky lady I want to wish a happy birthday is Kelly Trevino born Oct. 31 (shit I don’t know the year, I know your ooollld too hehe and still the hottest mom out of all my friends) (Kelly is the mother of my best childhood friend Anthony Trevino). You and your Family were also an important part of my childhood. You and Vic taught Tony and I many valuable lessons and values. I remember all the times the two of you sat us down to talk to us about the things teenage boys should and shouldn’t do. I remember all the parties in the famous garage when you let us drink and get high, act silly, make mistakes, learn lessons be stupid teens. Many parents would not approve of what you let us do but we were teenagers and we were going to be thick-headed, hardassed and do it regardless. You let it do these things there because you cared. You know we were going to do it and that if we were at home and not on the street we we safer. It is also because of you I am who I am today.

I miss all of you and wish I could be there for your Birthday. Thank you and Vic for everything. Give everyone my love and have a Wonderful Birthday Too.


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