"take it to a higher level"


If you are a current or past client please feel free to post your testimonial / recommendation in the comments section  below or in my LinkedIn Account

Liz Terry Liz Terry  Founder of Satya Flow Yoga –

“Brian set up an event in the UAE for over 40 people and demonstrated top- notch organizational skills along with having the ability to juggle many responsibilities at the same time. When it comes to planning and organizing events especially when it has to do with anything outdoors, Brian is your guy! His passion and hard work-ethic shines through.”

Souzie Michel Nassar Souzie Michel Nassar Marketing and Sales Manager-

“With Brian’s exceptional guidance and help, my overall fitness level has improved immensely. He has also provided much needed guidance in the areas of nutrition and goal setting. Brian’s professional manner and his positive attitude have really motivated me to achieve my personal fitness goals. I know with Brian helping me, I am well on my way to becoming a healthier and fit person. There are many personal trainers and very few good ones – Brian is one of the best!

Brendan Driscoll Teacher at ADEC-

“This was our first rock climbing adventure (Hatta Oman) and no better man to go with than the super adventurous Brian. His passion for outdoors fun rubs off you instantly and no wonder it does when you see the places he brings you. He brought us to this place I would never have found myself so the scenery alone was breathtaking. We did a small hike at a pace that suited us and he gave us plenty of time to drink water etc. He had all the gear and carried most of the equipment up. We then tried out some climbing after being given the detailed instructions, tips and safety precautions – nothing was taken for granted and we both really felt safe in his hands. He takes his profession seriously and loved to be asked questions. I would def recommend him, an all round fun, decent guy. Thanks Brian”

David Muirhead David Muirhead Manager Business Development Arabian Gulf at Consolidated Contractors International Company-

“Brian is an enthusiastic, creative, organizer for outdoor sports such as rock climbing, caving and overnite dhow trips. We enjoyed a well organized dhow trip, lead by him in the Mussandam last year. David”

Yazan Daas, PMP, MBA Candidate Yazan Daas, PMP, MBA Candidate Project Manager – Emerging Africa and Levant at EMC-

“Brian showed very strong knowledge in outdoor climbing techniques, as well as safety measures, Brian can assist you in seeing your opportunities and help you reach them, in the same time assess the risks in any situation to make sure that you and your equipment are always safe and taken good care of.”



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