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UAE Rock Climbing

Welcome to UAE Rock Climbing.  Climbing in the UAE and Oman is growing fast and the region has much to offer. Abundant with a wide range of climbing there are many areas scattered throughout the Hajar Mountain region with new routes and areas being established every year.

Where to Climb

The main areas for climbing are located around Dibba, Hatta, Al Ain and Ras Al Khaimah; there are also small crags in Khasab and The South Slope. Please check the links for more information on each area. Free topos will also be available for each area as I go to each area take pictures and make them. If you would like to help with information, topo’s and content please let me know; any help is appreciated and welcomed.

The local guidebook is available at Adventure HQ in Dubai. The guidebook good resource however it is very limited and outdated as many of the new areas  and routes are not in it. Updates can be found here and on a few other websites (links below). Your best resource for climbing is by meeting veteran UAE and Oman climbers.


There are a few shops that sell equipment, ropes, shoes ect. most of them are overpriced compared to the prices in the US.  However the best place and best prices in the UAE to purchase equipment is at Barracuda Fishing and Outdoors, if they don’t have what you need contact Trakspro and they can probably order it. Other places to buy AdventureHQ, Picninco and Decathon.

If you are new to climbing and not sure what to get or how to fit shoes. Please feel free to contact me.  If I am available I can meet with you and help fit you for your equipment.

Climbing Partners

If you are looking for a partner, group or to get started climbing you can contact me; I regularly setup climbing trips with friends and anyone is welcome to join. You can also check out the UAE Rock Climbing Facebook group there are many climbers out every weekend.

Indoor Walls

Unfortunately the UAE is still lacking a properly set up and properly managed climbing facility compared to what you would find in the US or UK. There are a few options to choose from thoughl; all of which are good in their own way and each offer something different. Your choices are Talise Fitness in the Mina Salam and The Wall in the DWTC have outdoor walls. The Pharaohs Club in The Wafi has an indoor wall and there newly opened bouldering gym in DIP Rock Republic.

Bolting Fund

Myself along with a few friends are actively engaged in developing new routes and areas in the region with routes for all skill levels that are open for anyone to use. Many of us use our own climbing equipment and spend lots of our own money on bolts and equipment. Route development and maintenance is very costly, dangerous, hard work, time consuming and causes lots of wear on personal equipment. To help with these costs the UAE Bolting Fund was set up. Each year members of the climbing community donate to the fund so route development and maintenance can continue.

If you are interested in helping or donating please contact me or donate using the Paypal button below.  Equipment donations are also welcomed and appreciated. If you know of any routes that have rusted of damaged anchors please let me know so I can fix them.

100% of the donations goes towards such items as bolts, hangers, chains, tools such as hammers, wrenches, drills and equipment that gets worn out as a result of bolting such as ropes and slings. If you are interested in how your donations is being utilized please let me know. Receipts and pictures of purchases as well as new routes will be uploaded. If you would like your donation to be used on specific equipment, on a specific area or route let me know as well so it can be appointed to that area.


The Ranch Topo (several new routes have been added since the topo was released. An update is in progress)

Mountain Project UAE

Mountain Project Oman

UKClimbing UAE

UKClimbing Oman

UAE Guidebook


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