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Dibba is located on the Oman peninsula of Musandam.  This beautiful area is full of climbing; it has the highest concentration of routes in the region. Two of the main crags have been voted the most favorite and best crags in the region by UAE climbers.

Climbing in Dibba is broken down in to two main sections. Dibba inland, which is in Wadi Khab al Shamis; a 36km stretch of canyon. The second section is the Dibba coastline, which is abundant with DWSing (deep water soloing)


Unfortunately current border restrictions between Sharja and Musandam make it challenging for UAE residents to access Dibba.  UAE residents are required to have pre-approved permission from the Sharja Government prior to crossing the border. This requires UAE resident to send a copy of their visa and passport to a tour company or hotel. The booking company then takes entry request to the Sharja policy and immigration for approval. Each person name is added to a list that is at the border crossing. If you are not on the list you don’t enter. This only applies to UAE residents; if you are on a tourist/visit visa you can cross with no issues.

Despite the issue Dibba is still the best place for climbing and worth the hassle. If you need entry into Dibba I can arrange permits. While the companies are charging for permits I can usually get them for free; all I ask is a mandatory minimum donation of 25dhs. 100% of this donation goes towards the bolting  fund.


1. From the Emirates Rd – E 311 2. Keep left at the fork and merge onto شارع الإمارات‎/E 311 19.9 km 2. Take the exit onto Al Awir Road/E 44 Go through 1 roundabout 10.5 km 3. Exit onto طريق دبي الخارجي‎/E 611 18.7 km 4. Slight right to merge onto شارع الذيد‎/E 88 29.4 km 5. Keep left at the fork 67 m 6. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit onto E 55 900 m 7. At the roundabout, take the 1st exit onto E 88 3.3 km 8. At the roundabout, take the 3rd exit Go through 1 roundabout 14.8 km 9. Continue straight onto E 18 400 m 10. Make a U-turn 4.3 km 11. Follow the E 18 to the roundabout 12. Turn right onto E 87 29.5 km 13. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit left onto E 89 Go through 1 roundabout 7.7 km 14. At the Dolphin roundabout, take the 2nd exit Left Go through 1 roundabouts 3.1 km at the second roundabout turn right. 15. At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit left Entering Oman Seaside Border Crossing 2.5 km 16. Continue straight Go through 3 roundabouts 3.2 km 17. Turn right 850 m 18. Turn right 58 m 19. Turn right 19 m 20. Turn left Destination will be on the left 21 m Golden Tulip Resort Dibba Musandam Peninsula Diba Al Fujairah 800, Oman The Dibba Port is before the hotel at the Al Mina sign on the right. The last roundabout at the Shell gas station turning left and going strait will take you to Wad Khab al Shamis Climbing area

Dibba Inland

Wadi Khab Al Shamis (Khaab Shamsi) is a long and beautiful canyon that starts down on the coast of Musamdan and follows it way up into the mountains.

The Wadi has seen much more water fall then other areas in the UAE and Oman making for very featured water washed rock.The Wadi is very narrow in many places and has high canyon walls. Most of the rock is untouched and unexplored.

Different areas of the Wadi are shaded at different times of the day; certain portions are shaded all day. It stays much cooler here then many of the other areas in the UAE and Oman as well and there is usually a pleasant breeze flowing through all day.

Be very careful climbing in this area during the rainy season. Flash floods can occur making many areas inaccessible for days and weeks.

For a printable miniguide please follow the below link.

The Ranch Topo

Dibba Coast


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  1. Alireza Abed

    Hi we need urgently the entry permit for a group of 6.5 of us are uae residents and one tourist visa. Pls if you can help us in this, we would really appreciate it . Thank.Regards.Alireza Abed

    November 28, 2013 at 11:58 am

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