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Hatta Crag is technically in Oman and is the closest climbing area to Dubai; being centrally located to the UAE means that it has frequent traffic of climbers from corners of the UAE.

Hatta Crag is a large cliff-line on the back side of quarrying area. It has 11 subareas to climb, over 25 trad routes, over 50 sport routes ranging in grade from F4 to F7b in the UAE Guidebook and a number of new climbs that are not featured in the book. It has a rather steep approach up a scree field; the approach can take 15min-45 min depending on your fitness level, time of year and amount of equipment taken. Some sections are shaded just about all day others come in to shade between 10am and 2pm depending on the season.


There is a UAE/Oman Border Post. This is not a formal border crossing that requires exit/entry stamps. Your passport or Emirates ID is required to cross.

Being that Hatta Crag is on the back side of a large quarrying operation each time I go out there I see a growing number of large portions on the mountain that has been removed. Sadly I fear that if UAE/Oman climber continue to fail to come together an attempt to save this area that this area will no longer exist in a few years as quarrying operations get closer to the climbing.


From Madam, United Arab Emirates 1. Head southeast on E44 450 m 2. At the roundabout, take the 4th exit and stay on E44 3.9 km 3. Continue onto (turns into) Route 5 Entering Oman 2.2 km 4. Continue onto Route 5 through the border crossing 3.5 km 5. Turn left at the Al Maha gas station 48 m 6. Turn right 1.2 km 7. Turn left 130 m 8.Stay right right 4.4 km 9. Follow the dirt track through the quarry (slow) in-between the the mountains the road will open up stay towards the left and follow the track to the big boulder with a flat stone surface next to it.

GPS: 24.89126, 55.93299



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