"take it to a higher level"

Group Fitness

As a soldier in the US Army I took part in group training nearly every day. As my Army Career progressed I took charge of fitness for the soldiers and  ran group training for my unit. I have almost 10 years experience with group training.

Private group training is available by request.

A group training session is set up twice a week in Safa Park.  Please follow the Meetup tag below to sign up.


Brian Coones, a personal trainer who knows the mountains and what muscles you need to build for trekking, will be leading a training session in DUBAI at Safa Park every Sunday and Tuesday.

Who: Trekkers, hikers, climbers, outdoor enthusiast, adventurers…..

What: Trekkers Training

Trekkers training is a group training session that utilizes functional fitness (your own body weight) to train your body and get you physically fit for hikes, treks and much more. This is a specialized program that will increase strength, endurance, balance, agility and coordination while having fun. It is for all skill levels from beginners to extreme.

Sunday Night is Core training night

Tuesday Night is Legs training night

When: Every Sunday and Tuesday 7pm to 8pm weekly basis, depending on RSVPs

Where: Safa Park by the fountain/lake

Why: To have fun and meet new people while increasing your fitness level.

How: Just show up to Safa park motivated and ready to train. Bring trainers, fitness clothes, water and 50dhs.

A Slackline will also be set up for use as well

Please only RSVP if you are coming

Contact: 0557708629


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