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Protein Smoothies

If you drink a lot of protein shakes you know that the variety of flavors is quite limited. Having the same flavors everyday can get a bit boring; so spice things up and pimp out that protein shake. These recipes have more nutrients and calories than protein alone and are designed as delicious healthy meal replacements snacks and recovery drinks.

For most of my protein shakes I use “Syntha-6” or “Optimum Nutrition” “Vanilla” flavored. I have tried a lot of proteins on the market and these two seem to be the best tasting to me and most of the clients I recommend them too, feel free to try different brands and find the one that works for you. For most shakes I use 1-2 scoops of protein and you can change this depending on your personal protein and calorie intake need.

When mixing the protein shakes I prefer using camels milk and low-fat “Activia Laban” or plain low-fat yogurt. Camels milk has more vitamins and health benefits than cows milk and its good to. I suggest trying it before you write it off, you can also use skim milk. If you’re a vegan or simply stay away from milk products I recommend using almond or rice milk and vegan yogurt. Mixing protein with milk tastes a lot better than with water, it is also going to make you feel fuller longer and more sustained.


Apple Pie Ala Mode

MOASS – Mother of Awesome Super Smoothies

Karot Cake Kick Start


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